Love, Laughter, and Suspense
in Southern Appalachia

My Recipe for a Great Story 

Add a teaspoon of suspense to a cup of romance, mix with a dash of down-home humor, bake in the heat of a Southern summer, and you got yourself a good read. My current writing project combines love, laughter, intrigue, and a sizzling summer in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. While we're waiting for its publication, let me know your favorite love story or suspense novel by sending me a Note.



I am a richly blessed Southern gal. God loves me all the time, and my family loves me most days. Everything else is like piling a scoop of triple fudge gelato onto a slice of flourless chocolate cake. Speaking of chocolate, the only other thing keeping me up late at night or getting me up early in the morning is the privilege of writing about God's love, grace, and mercy. God saved me from myself, and it's the most humbling and magnificent experience there is.

The truth is I come from a long line of folks saved from themselves. Once I discovered a significant number of my ancestors accomplished some life-changing achievements, I did what anyone with an ounce of imagination would do—I wrote about them. Correction, I fictionalized their adventures. Being disowned by my family is not on my bucket list. I love God, and I love Aunt Marye's peach cobbler . . . Aunt Amalie's potato salad . . . Aunt Ruth's spiced pecans . . .my cousin Rennie's parmesan scalloped potatoes . . . 

Hey, if you think I'm obsessed with food, you're wrong. Okay, I admit to being a chocaholic, but only for the good stuff—like Belgian chocolate truffles. As a God-loving, semi-health conscious, occasional exercising, Southern bleached blond always watching her weight, I most definitely know food's proper place in my life—after God and family. Thank goodness, my church and family love to eat!


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