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Butterflies, Bees, and Ice Cream

Offer ice cream to dogs and kids, and they like you forever. Butterflies and bees react the same to catmint. I enjoy all of them, although social distancing from bees at all times. As a perennial herb in the South, catmint blooms from April until late fall, loves full sun, and tolerates well-drained soil of any type. Clumps grow larger every year and decorate a border as pretty as lavender without all of its fuss. Added bonuses are hummingbirds adore it, your cat may like it (probably not as much as catnip), but deer and rabbits leave it alone due to spicy sage smell. I prefer Walker’s Low because it fits nicely around taller shrubs and flowers. Butterflies and bees like all varieties . . . similar to me and ice cream flavors, with the exception of anything having the word bubblegum in its name.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


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