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February Surprise

After several decades of attending college football games in the south, few public displays of crazy human behavior shock me anymore. Before camera phones, folks forgot or never remembered their substance-encouraged acts of stupidity. Nowadays, current technology guarantees pictures of it live indefinitely. So you can imagine my surprise at the grocery store when I witnessed a random act of craziness, the type I wish someone had captured on camera and posted on social media.


As usual I picked the day before shelf restocking to shop, and the last carton of the milk brand I drink resided at the back of the dairy case. On the top shelf. Above my height and arm length. And believe me, I reached on tiptoes and tried multiple angles. When a husky voice behind me said, “I’ll get that for you,” I stood aside thinking a kindly gentleman came to my rescue. Only to gawk as a lady older and smaller than me stepped on the metal strip labeled Not a Step, pulled her entire body into the cooler, and retrieved the milk carton. “Happens to me all the time, and there’s never an employee around to help,” she said, and walked away. Well, a few seconds passed before I recovered from her spunkiness and caught up with Miss Feisty in the next aisle. After I thanked her, she smiled and said, “Honey, when you’re my size and shrinking with age, you learn to improvise. Have a nice day.”


Wow, what a positive attitude and approach to life, plus her willingness to help a stranger . . . all three worthy of sharing on social media. What random act of kindness or craziness have you seen?


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