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How High's the Water, Mama?

If you lived in my neck of the woods the past few weeks, you’d call that a good question. If you’re a country music fan living elsewhere, you’d call it the title of an old Johnny Cash song. In the opening lyrics, the water is two feet and rising on the family farm, but by the end of the song the depth is five feet and still rising—a bad situation and similar to what many of my neighbors in the valley below me saw recently. You know the sky opened up and poured buckets of rain when a boat is needed to find the nearest road above water. Hard to believe canoes and kayaks replaced vehicles for a day or two in many low-lying areas.

But that’s weather, water, and life for you. Some days are sunny and soaring like you’re on a mountain top, and others feel like you’re stuck in quicksand below sea level with the water rising. Difficult to make sense of everything when life is rushing by like water under a bridge. So here are a few words of comfort from Psalm 29:10-11 when the next stormy day comes along. “The Lord rules over the floodwaters . . . gives his people strength . . . blesses them with peace.”

Rain or shine, what’s your favorite song?


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