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My Flying Cat

Last month my cat decided he liked flying. Not in a plane, but like a plane. He runs down the hall, leaps off the floor, soars through the air, and lands on me. While I’m sleeping. Around 4 a.m. At least once a week. But never on the same day so I can prepare for it. Imagine a twelve-pound ball dropping on certain body parts, and you see my issue. Even crazier, the guy is twenty years old, so I have mixed emotions about his antics. Happy he possesses the energy and agility to fly, perturbed he’s landing on me. Other targets are available, but I’m the most tolerant one.

Thank goodness, God has abundant patience when I take a flying leap in life and land hard. Psalm 86:15 says, “But you, O Lord, are a compassionate and merciful God. You are patient and abounding in love and faithfulness.” I need to remember this verse next week when you know who picks his morning to fly.

What kind of crazy habits do your pets have?


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