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Orange or White?

Like many households nowadays I live in a house divided. Do we differ over politics, sports teams, or religion? Nope, something much more serious this time of year—potatoes. All of us but one will eat any type of potato cooked any way possible. The lone exception claims he’s never recovered from the canned yams served in his elementary school cafeteria, causing him to refuse sweet potatoes in any form. Have I explained my mother’s sweet potato casserole with caramel pecan glaze is 4 million light years better? Heck yah, only 2 million times. Has he ever tasted it? Nary a bite. Our compromise for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner is two types of potatoes—mashed Yukon Golds loaded with butter and my mother’s sweet potato casserole. One of them disappears immediately, and the other makes tasty fried potato cakes the next day.

What potato dish is your Thanksgiving favorite?


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