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April Advice

As a certified GRITS (girl raised in the south), I speak with a southern accent but realized its full value only recently. The revelation occurred as I ate lunch at a five-star restaurant and ordered a piece of cheesecake to go. When I checked the contents of the paper box, a lemon curd danish returned my stare, and the waiter’s explanation downright floored me. He thought I said danish. Now I ask you, who else thinks the words cheesecake and danish sound alike? Minutes later the man returned with another box containing a piece of carrot cake. No, I am not kidding, just ask my husband.


But wait, there’s more. The third attempt to fill my order topped the first two. The waiter returned to our table empty-handed and stated cheesecake was not on the menu. Well, give the poor fella four long Pinocchio noses for that fib. The restaurant owner is renowned for his handmade quadruple-layer cheesecake. To conclude this wacky story, I left the premises with three free desserts—a lemon curd danish, a piece of carrot cake, and a large slice of chocolate mousse cake as a consolation prize for the restaurant being out of cheesecake.


So here’s my advice for all you dessert lovers out there, speak with a southern drawl the next time your waiter’s accent hints he lived elsewhere most of his life. The results are delicious. What’s your favorite dessert?

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