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January Cheer

I applaud folks continuing to turn on their outdoor Christmas lights during the first week of January. A few extra nights of sparkle brighten the wintery darkness. Years ago I discovered you can enjoy your indoor decorations even longer if you keep the drapes closed. Yep, when you receive the flu as a Christmas gift, January doesn’t go as planned. With a fever, splitting headache, and no energy, I left our Christmas tree up until I recovered. Nothing wrong with celebrating Valentine’s Day with a dozen roses, box of candy, and twinkling Christmas tree lights. My dog and cat loved it. During the holidays they removed most of the lower decorations with their tails and paws, and a few extra weeks gave them the opportunity to finish the job. By the time I officially closed their holiday playground, only the top two feet of the tree contained ornaments. Lesson learned: It’s more enjoyable to give Christmas gifts than receive them, although I don’t wish the flu on anyone.


How long do you leave up your holiday decorations?


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