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Built to Stand

Looking for an enjoyable and educational day trip this spring? Visit the Mountain Farm Museum in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. After the park was established in 1934, historic structures typical of a mountain farm were relocated to the Oconaluftee Visitor Center near Cherokee, North Carolina. On a gorgeous spring day, you can tour the sprawling outdoor exhibit and discover the skills and work required to survive and thrive deep in the mountains a hundred plus years ago. A great example is the John E. Davis log cabin originally located near Deep Creek, North Carolina. Mr. Davis spent two years building his house and completed it about 1900. Sturdy and built to last a lifetime, the walls are chestnut logs split in half along their length and placed in matching positions on opposite sides.

Will the log cabin stand forever? No, although chestnut was a good choice because of its resistance to decay and insects. But Psalm 33:11 tells us what will last. “The plans of the Lord stand forever. His intentions are the same for every generation.” What are his intentions? Love, mercy, and grace.

Your turn to share—what is one of your favorite spring activities? I’ve spent the last few sunny days cleaning up my garden and sowing seeds.


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