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Cheesy Friday

If you need a fast way to brighten your day, eat cheese. Wait, has this lifelong chocoholic finally lost her chocolate-loving mind? Nope, I’ve always acknowledged folks require more than chocolate to get them through the day. While cheese will never eclipse chocolate in my fudgy opinion, it certainly livens up other food. For example, I added cheese to Monday’s salad, Tuesday’s sandwich, Wednesday’s pizza, and yesterday’s hamburger. Can you guess what crowns tonight’s baked potato? You got it—cheese. Yep, I lived a cheesy week and loved every bite of it. With numerous varieties available in grocery stores nowadays, making a selection isn’t always an easy task. So when in doubt, create a charcuterie board and try several types of cheese. Call it an appetizer or meal, but either way your taste buds will thank you. What type of cheese do you like?

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