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Christmas in May

With summer on the way, how about some Christmas news? Too early you say, bah humbug? Not with my outside thermometer registering 88 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity making it feel like 90+. To put you in the mood for a little holly jolly, set the air conditioner on cold and think about Christmas a few minutes.

My latest true animal story “How to Survive a Christmas Kitten” is available for pre-order in The Cat in the Christmas Tree, edited by Callie Smith Grant. The book includes a bundle of true stories about feline Christmas mischief you and your family will love to read. Yes, my gray tabby kitten Samantha climbed our Christmas tree not once but twice, toppling it onto the couch. Preorder now via Amazon or Baker Book House, to be released on October 11.

What summer activities are you looking forward to enjoying the next few months?


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