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Designer Bags

Ladies, do you like designer handbags? The answer must be “yes” because we see them on the arms and shoulders of females everywhere. Expensive handbags of varying sizes, shapes, colors, and materials marketed as necessary fashion statements for today’s well-dressed gal. But what if your only color choices were orange and yellow?

Then you’re probably a bee and definitely a spiffy dresser. Did you know a bee grooms herself after visiting each flower? Yep, she instinctively brushes the flower pollen clinging to her body down toward her hind legs and into her pollen basket. Look closely at the bee in the picture and find the small orange pollen basket on her hind legs. This busy lady has been on a marathon shopping spree for sure. Depending on the type of bee, the basket can be yellow and located on other body parts, the perfect accessory designed by the creator of the universe. Beautifully described in Psalm 104:24, “What a wildly wonderful world, God! You made it all . . . made earth overflow with your wonderful creations.”

On this orange and yellow (aka hot and humid) Southern-fried Friday, what is your favorite handbag?

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