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Fast and Furry

The woods surrounding my house double as a nursery during warmer months. Over the years we watched fox triplets romp around the yard like puppies, turkey moms herd their wandering chicks back into the flock, and multiple sets of twin fawns graze our lawn (plus munch on any of my flowers catching their fancy). But this summer we witnessed a first when I accidently flushed five tiny bunnies from their monkey grass hiding place near my walkway. The babies scattered in all directions, and I worried about their ability to find momma rabbit. My concern evaporated the next evening at dusk when I spied a lumpy gray mass sitting beside the walkway. The adult rabbit dining on our abundance of clover all summer was feeding her five babies. How did I recognize the mother? She sports a quarter-sized white furry spot on one of her hips. I’d write a story about my rabbit family if Beatrix Potter hadn’t beaten me to it.

What childhood story did you or the kids in your life enjoy?

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