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Fruit Pie Friday

Take a trip through the south, and you notice a number of deep-rooted traditions like friendly people, fierce football rivalries, and love of sugar. Just about everywhere you eat the menu includes sweet iced tea, cake, pie, ice cream, and a list longer than a country road of other sugar-laden goodies. Reserved only for desserts? No way, some of my favorite vegetable casseroles include a liberal amount of sugar. If a recipe doesn’t call for it, we add a dash for kindness. When summer produces an abundant crop of peaches and blackberries, make way for fruit cobblers and mouth-watering flavor. Even I, aka Miss Kitchen Disaster, can bake a delicious blackberry cobbler. Add a scoop of super-rich French Vanilla ice cream and enjoy a healthy serving of southern sugar delight.

What’s your favorite summer dessert?


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