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Going Nuts

Not one to sidestep a major issue, let me weigh in on a colossal southern disagreement. What is the correct way to say pecan? Is it pee-can or pa-con? The answer makes a big difference in several southern states this time of year considering annual harvest occurs in the fall. As a pecan lover, my knowledge of them was limited until I met Clarence Bishop earlier this year and visited his family-owned B & B Pecan Company in Fairhope, Alabama.

Long-established facts are Mr. Bishop is a local hero and his company sells melt-in-your-mouth pecan candy. My favorite is their caramel-laden dark chocolate pecan patties, known as turtles in the South. By far they are the best I’ve ever eaten, and believe me I’ve sampled a good number over the years. The dark chocolate pecan halves come in second place and are a great snack. Check out for all their products, including this year’s new crop of golden pecans. If you’re looking for great recipes, especially for the upcoming holidays, follow them on Facebook at B & B Pecan Company.

By the way, I call them pa-cons. What do you say?


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