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Hiking the Best Trail

Do you like to hike? Move it or lose it says my doctor. But move it where? Some folks climb mountains, others walk laps inside a mall. Both styles meet the admirable goal of exercise. Another option is the menagerie of workout machines guaranteed to separate you from your money and pounds from your body in thirty days or less. No pain, no gain, right? The important point is finding an enjoyable way to avoid couch potato status. So what’s a spud to do?

On an outdoor hike, you follow the trail or GPS coordinates. A walk track or mall defines your indoor route. But what about your life journey? Is the right road always lined with neon street signs? Huh, not my experience. Sometimes a path forward appears impassable or nonexistent, and Moses experienced the same dilemma multiple times thousands of years ago. What if your job was moving a million plus Hebrews from Egypt to Canaan? Talk about workplace stress and risks. Yep, I’d say about a million of them, so consider his solution captured in Exodus 33:15. “Lord, if Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from this place.” Moses wanted to go only where the Lord led them. How did he know where? He asked, and God answered.

In today’s hectic world, what type of exercise do you enjoy?

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