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Jumpin’ June

I need a vacation. A long one. As in one or two months of doing nothing. No housework, yard work, cooking, cleaning, appointments, company, no nothing. In reality the possibility is impossible, impractical, and dreaming. But the dream paints a lovely picture, especially today as the month dwindles down and I realize this newsletter is way overdue. How did I get so busy all of a sudden? Why does everyone want everything now? If you’re experiencing the same whirlwind, I sympathize with feeling like the rope in one of life’s tug-of-war games.


Then I heard about a friend’s serious illness and a former co-worker’s sudden death, and I took a deep breath and counted my blessings. I’m grateful people enjoy my company. I’m thankful I possess the health and energy to accomplish everything on my to-do-list. And I’m hopeful my efforts will make a positive difference in the future. Like my grandmother used to say, “Whining only gets you a sore throat, so hush up and do something about it.” Her words of wisdom convey remarkable cheerfulness considering she experienced multiple family tragedies, two world wars, several pandemics, an economic depression, and serious health issues. Memories of her can-do attitude silence my complaining and jumpstart my next step forward. If she triumphed over all those major obstacles, surely I can win a few tug-of-war games.


What or who inspires you when in need of encouragement?


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