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Long Tall Sally

What do a fawn and Little Richard the singer have in common? One of them birthed the song “Long Tall Sally” back in the 1950s, and the other was birthed by Long Tall Sally earlier this year. Two summers ago a super long-legged doe visited our hill and decided to hang around. I’m talking legs twice as long as most of our area’s white-tailed deer, making her taller than the average buck. Since we name all the animals frequenting our yard, her name became Long Tall Sally for obvious reasons. Last spring she brought her fawn to see us, and no surprise it had long legs too. Believe me, you look twice when a fawn sporting cute white spots is the size of a yearling. Considering we have a number of hunters in these parts, we wondered if Long Tall Sally would show up again this spring. And she did last week with another fawn we’re calling Long Tall Sally the third.

BTW, if you’ve never heard of Little Richard, maybe you’ve heard of the Beatles, Elton John, Eric Clapton, or Queen—just a few of the many groups who recorded his songs over the years. What type of music do you like?


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