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March Madness

March Madness is here! A great time if you love basketball, a long few weeks if you don’t. No middle ground exists for many fans. They dress in their team colors, follow them to every game, and cheer until they’re hoarse. Others paint their faces, wear crazy hats, and go bonkers in front of the TV camera. Am I describing someone you know? Hey, no judgment from me. I’m all in for my favorite team, and my cats know to leave the room if they want to sleep during a game. Yes, I confess to mild excitement. Okay, maybe a little more than mild.

Like last night, for example. After all of my sideline refereeing and hollering during the game, I realized basketball has many similarities to our daily game of life—with one huge exception. We have the opportunity to play for an unbeaten team, be coached by someone who’s never lost a game, and celebrate like world champions every day. A quick read of Psalm 103 provides the details, but here’s a hint. “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love . . . he has removed our sins from us as far as the east is from the west.” The best news is no athletic skill or monetary donation is required to join this team. The coach took care of everything long ago.

Who is your favorite sports team?

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Sherry Moe
Mar 30, 2019

Oh my! This post sounds just like me. At my first holler directed to my tv my cats fly out of a deep slumber and go scrambling over each other to run upstairs. 😂 I’ll root on any home state team. As of now it’s only MI State left.

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