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Name That Tune

Don’t ask me how or why, but occasionally I hear a song, and the tune plays over and over in my mind for hours. Or worse, a day or longer. Not only is it stuck in my brain, I catch myself singing or humming it frequently. While harmonizing with a melody on the car radio or singing in the shower might be common place, belting out “Stop in the Name of Love” to the washer and dryer is not. Yes, Diana Ross and the Supremes’ 1965 classic has taken up residency in my head, and I’m blaming my husband. After a day of removing two feet of pollen from our screened porch (okay, more like an inch), mowing the yard, and washing the car, he offers me a grimy, sweaty hug. My response? I extended my arm, turned up my palm, and said, “Stop in the name of love.”

Has anyone else had a song hang around for a while? If so, name that tune.

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Paula Shreckhise
Paula Shreckhise
May 13, 2022

Dust in the wind. I heard it at the hairdressers.

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