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Not Green with Envy

While the south’s landscape is covered in green at least half of the year, not everyone likes the color—especially if it pertains to food. Many folks prefer bland edibles on their plate, like corn and potatoes, and won’t touch asparagus, broccoli, or kale with a hundred-foot pole. My inquiring mind asked why, and my dearly beloved answered with, “They aren’t corn and potatoes.” Wow, so logical and missing the point. Green fruits and vegetables top the beneficial value chart compared to starchy ones, unless you fry them. Okay, let’s label fried okra and fried green tomatoes as exceptions to the rule and downright delicious. Kale sauteed in bacon drippings and topped with crumbled bacon and feta cheese is just as tasty. Wait a minute, we’re sliding way off the healthy track and slipping into cornbread mode. Oh well, that’s a southerner for you.

What are your favorite vegetables?


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