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Original Search Engines

When you find a library in your garage, obviously your family loves books. I’m talking boxes and boxes and boxes of books. Everything from first editions to the Hardy Boys series, not to mention tons of reference books. Okay, maybe only several hundred pounds is more accurate. Newsflash—before the creation of high-tech electronic search engines, folks used their fingers to flip through books to find answers to their questions. If the names Britannica, World Book, or Americana mean something to you, memories of researching topics in these encyclopedias should come to mind.

If you’re googling the definition of encyclopedia right now, be thankful for the internet. The alternative was spending hours at home or in the library combing through volumes of these books for information to write school papers. Some people call those times the good old days, and others prefer to ask the talking lady on their phone for directions. What’s your opinion?


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