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Pinecone Trivia

Label 2022 as the year of the pinecone. I’ve never seen so many in my yard. Surrounded predominantly by hardwoods, I questioned how the cones arrived. Like anyone wanting a fast answer, I surfed the internet and found a credible source. Get prepared, pinecone trivia elevates your blood pressure.

Every three to five years, pine trees produce a bumper crop of pinecones, which can stay on the tree more than ten years. We only see the female cones, whose main function is to keep the tree seeds safe. Cones release their seeds in warm weather and commonly fall to the ground in autumn. A variety of forest creatures eat the cones and seeds—birds, squirrels, raccoons, chipmucks, mice, and deer. Now I know the answer to my question. An abundance of these critters live in my woods and use my bird baths as watering holes. Looks like they packed a lunch for the hike and tossed their litter aside.

What do you enjoy eating for lunch?

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