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I’m a one pot cook, and I’m not picky. A crock pot, iron skillet, Dutch oven, instant pot, or casserole dish will do. If a recipe can’t be mixed together and cooked in one of them, the odds are I won’t be fixing it. I also have an ingredient rule—if more than six are listed, one of them had better be chocolate. Call me lazy, but I prefer the word efficient because sometimes less is best. Less mess means less clean up equals less time.

Nowadays many folks are making do with less. But God knows our needs and never supplies less. Psalm 23 explains why, and I encourage you to read it for reassurance. “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack nothing . . . he restores my soul . . . my cup overflows . . .”

What’s one of your favorite one pot meals? I’d love the recipe.


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