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Rain or Shine

Has it rained much at your house this summer? We’ve had a little more than our share, but I’m not complaining. Summers can be dry where I live. Our longest record without rain stands at six weeks, and that’s bad news when you live on a hill. So every summer day a shower finds my house, I’m ecstatic because this year my yard is green and my flowers are blooming their little heads off.

Living on a hill provides several advantages too. I see things flatlanders don’t, and a recent summer shower delivered a perfect example. When you mix equal parts hot humid day with a late afternoon thunderstorm, the result gifts you with a spectacular sunset. After the rain moved out, fog drifted through the trees and covered our entire ridge. Then suddenly the sun popped through the mist and threw rays of sunshine everywhere. For a few minutes, a natural spotlight lit up the whole west side of our house. We scrambled to find the camera and the perfect place to capture the beauty. While the thunderstorm may have ruined someone’s afternoon on the lake below, it surprised us with a picture we’ll never forget. In Song of Songs 8:5, Solomon said, “Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot wash it away.” I can say the same about loving God’s creation. Sometimes a little water magnifies its beauty and deepens your appreciation of its magnificence.

Now it’s your turn to share on this sultry Southern-fried Friday. What’s your favorite activity on a soggy summer day?


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