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Rocking Around the Crockpot

Some folks rave at winning the jackpot or bingo grand prize, but I’m satisfied to rock my crockpot. Seriously, when you’re known NOT to be Julia Childs, Betty Crocker, or Duncan Hines for good reason, any success in the kitchen deserves a celebration. For the last three weekends, I partied for hours over successive best meal ever awards from the brave taste testers under my roof. In the manner of all gracious award winners, I must thank the contributors helping me along the way. “A heartfelt thank you to my longsuffering crockpot and the brilliant cooks creating recipes even I can’t mess up.”

I’m going for a fourth gold medal this Saturday. Please pray for my crockpot or the daring people I invite to dinner. What’s one of your crockpot successes?

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