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Something Whimsical

Every once in a while you come across something whimsical catching your fancy. And what happens next? You whip out your cellphone and take a picture. How could I resist? My yard is filled with trees, but not one of them has a trunk like this one—or a legendary story associated with it.

During early April 1865, Union soldiers attacked Confederate-held Fort Blakeley near Mobile, Alabama. The battle lasted a week and ended on April 9 when Confederate troops inside the fort surrendered just hours after Grant defeated Lee at Appomattox. Legend says this tree served as a hiding place for soldiers during the multiple skirmishes around Fort Blakeley. Today the tree delights bicyclist like me riding the many trails through the 2,100 acres of Historic Blakeley State Park. Besides a great hiding place, what does the tree trunk look like to you?


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