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Southern Summer Blooms

If you live in the South and like flowers, this time of year is one of your favorites. Spring showers bring on summer blooms, and we’re reaping the results this month. Native plants fill my yard because of flower-loving trespassers (aka deer), and oakleaf hydrangeas brighten up every corner with huge flower heads. Oh, I’ll admit protection for the smaller plants is necessary for a few years, but once the bush grows bigger than a buck it’s no longer on his midnight buffet menu.

Like tender plants, all of us need help now and then, so may I pick your brain on this Southern-Fried Friday? With writing conferences canceled this summer, I’m taking an online course that includes homework assignments, and I’d appreciate your input on several survey questions the next few weeks. Question one—How do you select the books you read? For example, is your selection based on the book cover, back cover copy, reviews, friend recommendation, or another way? I’d love to hear your answers!


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