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Swamp Thing

A bright spot last year centered around spending more time outdoors. One afternoon we rode our bicycles for miles in a state park providing something for every nature lover—bird sanctuary, lazy river, wetland wildflowers, huge live oaks, bike and horse trails (separate, thank goodness). A less-traveled path meandered along a swamp, and I hopped off my bike to photograph a family of cypress knees, the cone-shaped knobs growing from cypress tree roots. They reminded me of the fairy houses in a childhood book I loved. But as I knelt on the bank for a closer shot, the dark water and thick tropical vegetation conjured up another memory—watching my first horror movie. A giant creature rose from the murky depths of the Amazon River and wreaked havoc on a research expedition. As hokey as Creature from the Black Lagoon is by today’s standards, that swamp thing gave me nightmares as a kid, and I’ve never watched another scary movie.

What’s your favorite type of movie?


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