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Techno Friday

When a desk drawer contains a dozen plus charging cables, you own too many electronic devices. When none of the cables fit the dead electronic device in your hand, I suggest a piece of chocolate to stay calm. Eat two pieces if the device is your tablet. Enjoy three if your computer is dead. Consume a pound if it’s your phone. Wow, I just figured out why I conveniently forget to recharge my phone. Seriously, if we can fly someone to the moon and back, why can’t one of us invent a universal cable—you know, like one size fits all clothing. Oh well, if someone achieves the impossible task anytime soon, I’ll find another excuse to eat more chocolate . . . as if I needed one.

How attached are you to your cellphone? Grade yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1=long lost distant cousin and 10=best friend forever.

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