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The Buck Brothers

When you eat supper every night with four good-looking guys, you’re a blessed gal. So what if two of them are the Buck Brothers. Yes, as in deer, each sporting an eight-point rack of antlers, and proud of them. I first met the buckskin boys this spring while planting highly touted deer-resistant bushes. Loud huffing sounds coming out of the woods announced their arrival. Since it was my hill, I huffed back, telling them in deer language to beware of the lady with the shovel. Long summer story shorten, they learned my yard was a gourmet buffet and made it their nightly meal. As my family ate supper on our screened porch, they munched outside on the grass—until recently.

Last week I caught the Buck Brothers nibbling on my deer-resistant bushes. Talk about getting huffy. I told them deer season opened up soon, and they had better stick to grass on my property. I haven’t seen them for a few nights, so the moral of this story is talk tough and carry a big shovel.

What’s your favorite meal—breakfast, lunch, or supper?


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