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The Horse of My Dreams

Book cover reveals are a BIG DEAL, especially when the soon-to-be-released book contains your first publication. Am I super excited? Oh, yeah. On September 17, Revell will release Callie Smith Grant’s The Horse of My Dreams, a book filled with true stories about horses. Guess who wrote the story “A Pinto for Pennies” included in the book? Me!

My father bought my sister and me a horse when we were kids, and this story tells how we acquired the horse and the impact it had on our lives. My childhood friends will recognize one particular place playing a big part in the story, but I invite everyone to buy the book and read all the stories. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to read all of Callie Smith Grant’s animal books (available on Amazon). Wishing you and your pets a fantastic Southern-fried Friday!


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