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The Original Busybody

Being stung by a yellow jacket is never the highlight of anyone’s summer. Unlike a one and done honey bee, yellow jackets are repeat offenders—gladly stinging you over and over when they feel threatened. Unfortunately, the entrance to their underground nest is a small hole rarely seen until it’s too late. The bad news is every nest has a back door, and they can ambush you from both sides. Yep, the little varmints mean business when you mess with them.

So, what do you get for all their potential pain? Turns out the feisty critters are the ultimate pest control agents for your garden and backyard BBQ. Two of their favorite foods for feeding their young are caterpillars and flies. Since I’ve found three yellow jacket nests in my yard this summer, you would think I’m free of pests. Nope, not the case, one of the nest is beside my favorite bird bath. What kinds of pests invaded your yard this year?


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