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Time Travel

I love history. Combine it with travel, and I’m ready to go. Include a beach trip, and I’m on my way. While some people flock to Florida for its amusement parks, I head to its historic gems. If you’ve never heard of Henry Flagler, you might be surprised to learn he introduced world travelers to Florida in the late 1800s. By building railroads and luxury hotels along Florida’s eastern coast, he provided first-class transportation and accommodations for wealthy folks seeking warmer weather in the winter. Money generated from cofounding Standard Oil with John D. Rockefeller funded his projects, and several remain in existence today. If you’re near St. Augustine, visit two of his gems—Hotel Ponce de Leon (completed in 1888, now part of Flagler College), and Hotel Alcazar (completed in 1889, now Lightner Museum).

What’s your preferred mode of transportation—car, plane, train, boat, motorcycle, or bicycle?

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