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Topsy Turvy

If you’re having a bad week, let me cheer you up on this Southern-Fried Friday. What if in a span of a few days, (1) a wasp finds its way down your long-sleeved shirt and stings your arm four times before meeting his maker, (2) a horsefly bites through your glove and causes your hand to swell the size of an oven mitt, (3) every chigger in your yard suddenly becomes immune to the toxic spray on your clothes and shoes, celebrating the achievement way too many times on your legs, (4) your dish detergent dispenser malfunctions and deposits 4-times-the-grease-fighting-power sticky blue liquid all over the cabinet under the sink, and finally—as if the other events weren’t bad enough—(5) after nearly three weeks without rain, almost every yard in the county receives a drenching but mine. Are you feeling better now? I hope so, not wishing my crazy week on anyone.

What out of the ordinary events have you experienced during these topsy turvy times?

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