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Trip into the Twilight Zone

How do you know when you’ve accumulated too much stuff? When you don a miner’s hardhat, headband light, gloves, and boots to wander into your garage museum’s twilight zone—aka under the staircase. Truly a place time forgot, considering no one remembers going into the dark cavern this century.

Wow, was I ever surprised and stumped. Surprised when my nephews’ rocking chair wasn’t there (so where is it?). Stumped when I found a UBO, unidentified bagged object. Removing the bag didn’t help. Was this sturdy metal contraption for children, dolls, or pets? A long search through the multiple set of vintage encyclopedias I found earlier provided no answer, but a quick google tagged it with a name and era. Taylor Tot stroller, circa late 1940s, manufactured by the Frank F. Taylor Company of Ohio. Touted as the premiere stroller of its time with fold down/removable handle and footrest convertible to a walker. I’m impressed and will be even more when my discovery is cleaned up and repainted to look as good as the one in this picture. The Taylor Tot stroller Facebook group will be proud of me. Yes, outlandish as it sounds, the stroller has its own page.

What’s the strangest object you’ve found in your garage or attic?


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