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Turn Up the Heat

Chilly weather means chili time at my house. Yeah, I realize winter in the South is a breeze compared to some places, but a steaming bowl of chili warms you up regardless of the outside temperature. What you put in it makes a difference too. I use ground round and kidney beans, others prefer sausage and pintos. In my family, the pot is 1 Alarm, and how much higher you crank the heat in your bowl is up to you. Additives with the words insanity, scream, burn, and slap ya mama in the name don’t get near my lips. But I’m happy to report a few family members indulged in these brands and lived to tell about them. Took a month for their taste buds to grow back afterward, but that’s the cost of adventure. Occasionally you should listen to the calm, soft voice in your ear saying, “You’ll be sorry.” My exact words before Amazing Dave added three drops of a certain pepper concoction to his last bowl of chili.

Listening to God’s voice will always lead you in the right direction. Isaiah 30:21 says it best. “And if you leave God’s paths and go astray, you will hear a voice behind you say, ‘No, this is the way; walk here.’”

What’s your chili heat preference on this cool Southern-fried Friday? 1 Alarm (mild), 2 Alarm (warm), 3 Alarm (hot), 4 Alarm (burns all the way down), 5 Alarm (blows smoke out your nose and ears)


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