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What's in that Garage?

Believe it or not, I had a visitor to my recently opened southern living history museum—aka my garage (see last week’s post)—and the trip yielded results. Look what was found in one of the gazillion boxes I’ve stored for four generations of my family. For those folks born in this century, the green rectangles are Sperry and Hutchison (S&H) Green Stamps, a hot commodity in the last century. Think of them as the predecessor to today’s shopper reward programs. Grocery stores and gas stations gave the S&H stamps to customers, who saved them until they had enough to trade for merchandise at the S&H redemption stores scattered across the country. And surprise, surprise, the program continues under the new name S&H Greenpoints. Thank you for tuning into this week’s edition of “What’s in that Garage?” and I encourage you to join us next Friday for another installment.

Help me out here—should I pitch this idea to the TV networks as a reality show or educational program? Just kidding, but I have seen crazier ones while channel surfing late at night. With 200 choices, you would think I’d find something worth watching. Anybody else have the same gripe?


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