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Who Let the Dogs Out

If you never heard the song “Who Let the Dogs Out,” listen to it on your favorite internet source. The older tune remains popular because it’s silly with a catchy beat, and it recently provided me a solution for an ongoing problem. As a flower lover living where the deer population exceeds the human one, I constantly battle four-legged yard raiders. However, this song flipped the battlefield advantage my way this week. No, I’m not broadcasting it across my property, but I do let the dogs out when I spot deer in my yard. Not real dogs, but sounds of large angry dogs barking like they mean biting business. I found multiple videos of them on the internet and punch PLAY while standing outside on my porch. The vicious barks send all marauders scurrying into the woods and not returning for days. I love it!

If you’ve heard the song, give it a rating—play, delete, or for deer only?

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