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Zombie Ants

Nothing much shocks me anymore, but I witnessed an alarming event last month. Zombie ants. No, I haven’t eaten too much chocolate, nor am I exaggerating, which some southerners have been known to do. But what else do you call ants who keep on coming regardless what you throw at them?

After first sighting of the miniature raptors in our RV, we located two nearby nests and soaked them with atomic ant killer. Victory was sweet for a few hours. When they returned from a different direction, we sprayed the entire concrete parking pad, all our utility hoses, and around the outside edge of the RV. The next day they overran us in hordes. I’m talking waves of tiny demons breaching our perimeter defenses and surviving every weapon we launched. After careful inspection of the battleground, I concluded they marched up the surrounding trees and dropped onto our roof, hiking down to any minuscule crevice available. Solution? We cut our stay short and moved miles away—with a load of ants in our storage bay.

What creature is your least favorite? Spiders, snakes, mosquitoes, ticks . . .


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