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Say Cheese

As a lover of cheese, I eat it in many forms—on a sandwich, in an omelet, with fruit, as a casserole topping, by itself, and the list goes on. My absolute favorite way is a cheesecake. I’m talking the bake in an oven and let it cool type, rich enough for one slice to fill you up but so tasty you want another one. For like-minded folks going anywhere near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park this summer, motor to the historic downtown part of Sevierville, Tennessee and treat yourself to dinner and a slice of goat cheese cheesecake at The Appalachian restaurant. The goat cheese elevates the dessert to extraordinary by adding an extra touch of cheese intensity, sweet with a hint of tangy. I could’ve eaten the whole cheesecake, a shocking confession for someone preferring chocolate desserts. Try a slice, and your tastebuds will thank me.

What type of cheesecake do you like?


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