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Southern Comfort

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, chocolate is the perfect comfort food. Whatever the season, occasion, time of day, or mood you’re in, a bite of chocolate improves your attitude. After years of taste testing, I’m 100% sure. Every time I visit a chocolate shop, I walk out joyful with a bag of happiness in hand.

During last fall’s southern state saunter, I found the most cheerful place in South Carolina—the Chocolate Canopy, located in Hilton Head. I promise you this shop’s handmade dark chocolate made me forget the beach . . . well, almost. Winter weather got you wishing for spring? Good news, chocolate ships great in cooler months, so check out for true southern comfort. A piece of the dark chocolate and caramel concoction called Lagoon Goo will improve your attitude immediately.

What type of candy do you like?


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