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The Bird Whisperer

When you build a house in the boonies, you expect few guests. Wrong. We quickly learned the native wildlife claimed the territory and considered us the intruders. Our encounters with deer, turkeys, skunks, snakes, foxes, coyotes, and a host of birds provide plenty of entertainment. The most rewarding moments occur when the bird whisperer in our family assists a reckless frequent flyer. As a rest stop on the north-south migratory highway, we see a variety of birds throughout the year. Despite our reflective decals and streamers, a few daredevil flyers crash into our windows or wedge their beaks into our porch screen, especially hummingbirds. Thankfully, most incidents produce only a few minutes of confusion. During those times, our resident bird whisperer performs his magic—cradling them in his hands, stroking their heads, and talking to them until they fly off into the wild blue yonder. Everybody needs a friend.

What bird encounters have you experienced?


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